Custom Drawer Box with calendar

Unboxing Luxury with Interactive Drawer Boxes

Elevating the unboxing experience, Renato Balestra embraced innovation with custom drawer boxes featuring integrated calendars. These bespoke packages, crafted from premium materials and boasting vibrant prints, weren’t just stunning containers – they were interactive companions. Each drawer revealed a new month, its contents curated with Balestra’s signature elegance.

This unique packaging transcended mere protection. It boosted customer engagement, with recipients eagerly anticipating each calendar reveal. Brand perception soared, with Balestra lauded for their creativity and commitment to a luxurious, interactive experience. Sales followed suit, fueled by the excitement surrounding these limited-edition boxes.

Renato Balestra’s story proves that innovative packaging can be a powerful marketing tool. By blending functionality with stunning design, they not only protected their products but also created a lasting impression that resonated with their discerning clientele. This is the future of luxury – where every detail, from box to calendar, tells a captivating brand story.


Renato Balestra






Lamination, Full Color Printing